my favorite workouts

Hi friends! So, for those that don’t know, I really struggled with getting back on the fitness wagon for quite some time. I kept telling myself that when the new year started I would really get back into it but an entire month passed and I hadn’t worked out, was eating terribly ( I’m talking Sonic and Dominos :/ ) and I just felt a big lack of motivation. Then, one day I looked in the mirror and decided: This is not me and this is not who I want to be!

So, I guess it was the kick that I needed because I began working out 3-4 days a week since then. It’s been a slow start but I am happy with my progress and will continue to keep it going. I don’t kill myself in my workouts but I do ensure that I challenge myself as I slowly get back in shape. Here are my favorite workouts and I encourage you to screenshot them and save them in your phone to look back on! That’s what I did!! I usually alternate these throughout the week with other cardio and arm workouts in between. In the summer, I try to swim, kayak, paddle board, and bike ride so I cannot wait til’ it gets warmer. If you guys enjoy these, I’ll keep making them!

ab workout

booty workout




  1. Mountain climbers and sumo squats are my favourite exercises from each of the groups of areas you had listed. They are a bit of a challenge to do, but are so worth doing in the end!


  2. I really like mountain climbers and lunges. I do not workout as often as I should but I am adding more and more activity every week. Hoping to be a lot more active by this time next year.


  3. Love this! It looks like you can even find a spot outside on a nice day to do these as well! Thank you for sharing:)


  4. I’m getting back into exercising and I keep searching for different workouts I can do at home so this is really great! I like to mix it up a lot so that I don’t get bored so I need as many workouts as I can find 🙂


  5. Dang girl – this is a great routine! I pinched a nerve in my shoulder yesterday during an hiit thing, so I’m looking for something I can actually do for this week and not be in pain… I’m going to try your ab routine! (: Thanks for sharing it!


  6. Great list of workouts! I workout to gain weight, which is the opposite of most people haha, so I try to do the bare minimum on cardio. Most of these workouts are perfect for me, and can be done at home!



  7. I’m in the same boat! Struggling to get back into a routine. Went to start and pull my neck the worst it has ever happened. So I love the thought of these workouts! They have been screen shot and saved and I will be going to them this coming week! I think I’m more of a body weight workout person as much as I want to do the weights I don’t think my body likes it very much :/ ugh the struggle.


  8. Mannnn do I know the feels of taking a month off from working out! But the nice thing is that you can just pick it all up again, I feel like I am slacking lately and need to kick myself in the butt to go 3-4 times, good for you girl getting those workouts in!


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