sarah’s workout playlist

Hey guys, so if you’re anything like me… or you’re a normal human, then you know it’s impossible to workout without a good playlist. Running / doing any type of cardio without fast, loud music which pumps you up is the equivalent of torture or prison.

My friend Sarah (who has been one of my best friends since 5th grade!!) always has the best playlists. I feel like I constantly ask her to send them my way and I recently asked her to create a workout playlist specifically for this blog and she made a killer one which was really cool of her! I also love this playlist and use it when I workout so it’s tested and approved.

Check it out ^^ and let me know what you think of it. If you want more playlists, comment and let me know!! P.S. You can still checkout my sister’s cooking playlist here. Adios!




  1. Workout playlists are ESSENTIAL. I’m definitely going to bookmark this and save it for my next workout! I’ve been stuck on Fergie for the last few weeks and I need something new HAH! This one looks great!


  2. I need to find a great workout playlist! This is a great start I normally work out while watching tv. however the work out videos I watch typically have pretty great playlists in the background!


  3. I cannot run with out a good playlist. I like that spotify has a running feature that it helps choose songs with the tempo to keep you running the same pace!


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