into the woods

Happy Monday, everyone! Over the weekend, my sister came to NJ and we seriously binge-watched 13 Reasons Why. I think I watched 10 episodes in 2 days. It’s on Netflix if you want to watch yourself and it is SO good. I cannot stop watching and I think I’ll be pretty bummed when it’s over.

In one of those moments where I actually got up from the couch, I went to my favorite hiking spot with my best friend, Cat. I love hiking and it is actually so good for you. It lowers your risk of heart disease, improves blood pressure, boosts bone density, strengthens your leg muscles, and builds up your core all while allowing you to soak in some fresh air and nature.


I love being able to soak in nature on my hikes, away from technology and the hustle of everyday. I am so glued to my phone most of the time, so I really try not to pull it out (and just use it in case I get lost or something.) I also love going on hikes with someone else, to just focus on the hike and a good conversation. It’s a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon with someone.


In these pics, I didn’t go on my usual hike. My usual hike is fairly long and strenuous and not only was I not in a good hiking outfit, but Cat was hungover haha. So we took a quick walking train instead. My favorite spots really look best all lush and green in the summer. I’ll have to go back in a few months for photos so I can show you guys the magic of it and how nice it feels to sometimes be secluded in the woods.


You’d think for someone so in love with true crime, being in the woods would creep me out. But I usually like the solitude. If I hike alone, I always listen to Bon Iver. I suggest doing it, because it really clears your mind in the best way possible. A lot of the songs were inspired by nature and I feel like the music goes hand in hand with the atmosphere. I hope everyone has a good week. It’ll finally be sunny in NJ today and tomorrow. xx




  1. Amazing post! Hiking is the best – also your hair color is the cutest! Do you happen to know the level of blonde?




    1. aw thank you!! i don’t know i’m sorry!!! but i do know that we stuck with a blonde look and if i wanted, we could’ve toned it more lilac. i don’t think this helps but it’s like a white now


  2. I don’t hike nearly as much as I would like too. We just moved and we now liv eby a trail that follows a great river. I can’t wait walk and jog it! I grew up living in the middle of the woods, living in a big town now I really miss it!


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