lavender sugar scrub

Happy Monday, everyone. This week is definitely going to be a bit busy for me. But luckily, I had a pretty relaxing weekend. It was just my sister and I plus my dogs. We were doggie-sitting and it gave me some time to work on some fun DIY’s like this sugar scrub recipe. Recently, I made friends with Sydney on instagram. She kindly offered to send me some essential oils to try out. I’ve been meaning to experiment with them, but didn’t know where to start. (Check out her awesome blog here!)

She sent me some oils, including the doTERRA Lavender oil and a little a-z oils guide, which tells me the best oil combinations to use depending on how you’re feeling. This was a huge help and now I can’t wait to keep combining and adding to my new collection! I also decided to create a little sugar scrub for the shower to exfoliate and used lavender due to it’s relaxing aromas / ability to soothe skin.


I’ve also been sprinkling lavender onto my pillowcases before bed. I heard you can also rub lavender onto the soles of your feet before bed but haven’t tried that. What essential oils do you guys use and swear by? I’m so curious!


This sugar scrub was V easy to create and now, I don’t see why I wouldn’t have it in my shower always! I did 75% sugar and 25% oil, plus about 10 drops of lavender oil on top to seal the deal. I thought you wouldn’t be able to smell the lavender but you definitely do and I love how it smells. You can do 50/50 sugar and oil if you want it to be less course. I just knew I wanted it to be really rough on my skin, so I went with more sugar. It’s totally up to you.

I’m thinking of doing a giveaway very soon and I want to include some homemade sugar scrub! I already have a few items, but if you think of anything you’d like to see in a giveaway, please let me know 🙂



  1. I keep telling myself that I am going to use essential oils, I think that this recipe pushes me over the top of wanting to use them! Thank you for the great tip.

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  2. I love essential oils! I use another brand though, not Doterra but I’m definitely making this today!!! Who doesn’t love sugar scrubs?! Thanks for sharing this awesome and simple diy sugar scrub recipe!


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