a superfood smoothie bowl anyone can make

Hello guys! I am sorry for the delay on posts (as well as instagrams) recently. I was away in NYC for work but now I am back and really happy to be home! While I was there, I got to meet up with some old college friends and ended up getting in some good shopping in SoHo and a funny, new book at Chelsea Market. For now, I am happy to be back in NJ. A cab driver in the city told me, “Living in New York City is like living life in fast forward.” And I totally agree! It was nonstop from the moment I got there and I’m happy to be back in my regular routine.

Last week, I wrote this post for Phoodie + Phit so I thought I’d also share it with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you often see my smoothie bowls popping up on your feed. I love making them. Something about creating something both beautiful, delicious, and nutritious really excites me and I feel as though I constantly play around with designs, fruits, and colors when creating my smoothie bowls. (I know they say not to play with your food but, oh well!)

A lot of people tell me that it’s impossible for them to create such perfect rows on their bowls so I decided to create a messy-ish smoothie bowl that anyone can create. You don’t need to have a steady hand or even worry about how perfect it comes out. Follow my steps below for how I created mine and add in your own favorite ingredients if you want! The most important thing about these bowls is that you enjoy how it tastes after all.

Step 1. Gather your base ingredients. I use acai and pitaya as my base for smoothie bowls usually and today, I decided to use a bit of both. Acai = antioxidants, fiber, and healthy-heart fats. Pitaya = antioxidants, Vitamin C and E. I run them under hot water so they’re not too hard to break up in the blender. (I use a Vitamix and it is my favorite!)


Step 2. Add in fruit, milk, and ice in the blender. This is where you can get creative. I added in a banana, some cut up strawberries, soy milk, ice, and the extras (step 3) but you can add in anything your heart desires. Life Hack: Frozen fruit also work to make the bowl more chunky (then the fruit sits perfectly on top without sinking!) but I usually leave it a little more liquid-y in the morning so I can transfer it to a to-go cup if I don’t finish it and need to get to work.


Step 3. The extras. I always add in protein powder and collagen (discount: riceandrepeat20) to my smoothies but there is so much you can add, like Brain Octane or this Gym & Tonic powder if your smoothie bowl is consumed relatively close to a workout.


Step 4. The toppings. I poured everything into my favorite wooden bowl. Then I added the toppings. I usually try to add a plethora of fruit and that’s just what I did this morning in no specific order. I also add chia seeds and coconut granola from Trader Joes. But you can add hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts, goji berries… pretty much anything you want! I didn’t even made it look too pretty, just threw it all on there, and it still turned out pretty AND yummy.


Step 5. Enjoy! And don’t forget to snap a picture and tag me in it if you create your own!!



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