I went to an instagram famous spa

For my birthday, my cousin got me a massage at the Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater, NJ. For those of you who haven’t heard of this spa, it has gotten quite the buzz on Instagram lately. It is mostly known for it’s dreamy views overlooking the city’s landscape from their rooftop infinity pool. The club has several saunas, pools, hot tubs, and relaxation areas. There’s pockets in certain pools for massages, waterfalls, a “foot massage” path, a cafe, a gym, yoga, and much more to explore and to enjoy. I was so thrilled to be able to go there and experience it all.

We decided to book an appointment for later in the day which turned out to be a great choice because it was a perfect beach day. So, after the beach and a quick nap, we were off to the spa. It took a little over an hour to get there from our house. It’s very close to NYC and you can actually take a shuttle to midtown from this spa. It’s also a hotel so guests from around the world can enjoy the amenities, too.


I wanted to walk you through my visit, the pros and cons, of this auspicious spa. We got to the spa about 20 minutes before our appointment and valeted our car. Then we checked in. The check-in process was confusing to say the least. With a “no shoe” policy. The very first step is putting your shoes into a small locker and then taking an elevator up to a specific floor for your new locker to change into your robe or bathing suit. The directions were vague and confusing and it took us a few tries and many questions to nearby employees to figure out our locker situation. With a very clean, modern approach to architecture, there were not many signs directing people in the right spots.


Finally, we got to our lockers and we were shocked by the entire look and feel of the place. It was expansive, clean, beautifully kept, and sprinkled with fellow spa-goers in white robes. It sounds cliche, but it was incredibly fancy, and we were overwhelmed and excited. Us girls got changed into robes and sat patiently in the waiting room sipping on cucumber water. I was first to head to my massage, only a few minutes later. The massage itself was so lovely.

IMG_9055I got an aromatherapy massage and really did enjoy it from start to finish. It was so relaxing to do nothing for an hour but relax. It’s odd because after a while you forget you’re in the room with another person because your mind just drifts away. After the massage, I met up with Rachel and Fran (my friend and cousin) and we then had 2 hours until we had to checkout of the spa. I was happy and disappointed that we only got 2 hours. It keeps the spa from being overly crowded but also limited us greatly in actually getting to relax because we were stressed about the time. If you go over your allotted 2 hours, you start getting charged more. And after spending almost $200 on a massage, the last thing you want is feeling stressed about being charged more money. Check out some pics of the spa below.


We decided to fully take advantage of our time and we got to exploring right after we slipped on our bathing suits. At first, we went to the popular infinity pool overlooking NYC’s skyline. We snapped a few pics and noticed that everyone else was trying to take pictures too. It reminded me of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.


As it got dark, we explored other pools and the many saunas. I loved the charcoal sauna (which was completely dark) and the salt sauna. In between the heat; Rachel, Fran, and I would go to the “Ice Box” room, which was 55° to cool off. Then, we went to checkout.


Overall, I think the spa itself was a unique experience. I was happy to go at least once because so many of my friends had. But at the end of the day, I think there are plenty of amazing spas with quite less limitations. Hotels that are also spas like this one do not often limit time or charge hourly fees. Plus, I can get just as amazing of a massage at the spa 10 minutes from my house and that is literally half the price. I think it is a popular place to go at the moment so I’m glad that I tried it out. But I would try out other spas before going back.



  1. Loved this! As someone who was thinking of visiting or at least gifting to my partner, this has helped greatly! Such a transparent review.


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