what’s in my beach bag?

This past weekend, I was in the Hamptons with my family and it was so nice to get away for a little while and just relax. I actually finished a book from start to finish (that never happens) and got to relax on the beach much more than usual. I really do love any opportunity to take a long weekend and enjoy some good weather in a beautiful place and the Hamptons has no shortage of beautiful places. Stay tuned for a Hampton’s Guide coming soon.


Living by the beach and going to the beach often throughout the summer has made me an expert in packing a quality beach bag. I thought it’d be fun to go through and share what is in my beach bag with you to give you some inspiration on what to take with you, too. You can even modify it slightly for picnics in the Fall.


  • The bag itself is from Positano, Italy. I love a good wicker bag and they are really becoming quite trendy. I got this bag so long ago but it has held up fairly well. I’ll be very sad the day it falls apart. You can get a similar one here or here. They also make handy grocery shopping bags, especially for farmers market hauls.
  • The first thing I like to always have in my beach bag is a pair of headphones. I use my AirPods because they’re really small and convenient and the chord doesn’t get tangled on anything. I will listen to my Aloha playlist or a good audiobook.


  • On this specific trip, I was reading All The Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. This book was amazing! Truly, I could not put it down. I know it has gotten it’s fair share of criticism but it was one of my favorite books I’ve read in the past few years. It was just non-stop interesting and I couldn’t wait to see what happened.


  • My Yeti water bottle. I just got this in the Hamptons (you can tell by the lack of stickers) but I love it. It’s gigantic and reminds me to drink water throughout the day. I’ve had Swells and Camelbaks in the past but this holds so much more water, which I like in case I’m not able to fill it up in my daily travels.


  • My instax Polaroid camera goes with me whenever I remember to bring it. I loooove documenting fun times on this camera and then taping them up in my bedroom. I think it’s SUCH a fun way to remember good memories and there’s a certain uniqueness about never knowing how the picture will come out until it develops.


  • I love this tiny wallet from Urban Outfitters. I used to lug around a huge wallet with me in my purse but it would get SO heavy. As someone who rarely carries cash, it dawned on me to switch to a smaller wallet. I think especially for beach days when you don’t need more than a debit card and your license, it just makes more sense to switch to something small. (This also comes in handy for traveling!)


Other Goodies:

  • I always carry some SPF and a lip balm with SPF in it. My favorite brand is Sunbum but Neutrogina has a great face sunscreen, too.
  • I sometimes bring my Barnacle speaker with me. (Mine was $80 but I found this one for much cheaper!) It’s fun because it has a suction cup and can suction onto jet-skis or Kayaks (it’s waterproof) but sometimes just putting it on your towel can work, too.
  • The basics, like a good towel, beach chair, sunglasses, and a hat are always overlooked. I like to keep beach towels and a chair or two in my car in case I forget. Also, if you go to the beach at night or plan to picnic, invest in a huge blanket instead of bringing a towel or two and a good insulated bag for fruit, snacks, etc.


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